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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

faux leather ~ masculine crosses for 2014

morning everyone ~

i love creating these little crosses... this time it was with leftover leather fabric.

in black and brown.  each backed with sturdy cardstock, and zig zagged stitched and a ribbon attached.  great little bookmarks, thank you gifts, baptism, graduation, and more.

i tried for a more masculine look.  did i succeed?  what do you think? 

and yes... i was wanting not to do 'glitzy' ribbon... but i had no lace cord/leather string lying around.  working on that...

blessings on your day ~
soli deo gloria

Sunday, April 28, 2013

New Crosses ~ Part Two

hi there ~ happy monday!

i'm catchin' up... announcing the winner of the cross give-a-way, which i'm a tad bit late doing, but heck ~ that's kind of a slice of life, isn't it?  and it's all good.
i really do love making these crosses...  and here's a new colorway from the brighter-toned ones i posted about earlier.  the peachy-pink ones came from this quilt:

and new life:
detail shot of the quilt:

and these orange ones came from another older paper fabric quilt that included decorative stitching, and a wool roving embellishment, as well as free motion couching.  i added the special vintage rose trim {love!}

and the winner is KARLA Lamb! 
thank you everyone so very much for participating!  
Soli Deo Gloria!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Born Again {My New} Crosses ~ {and giveaway!}

hi friends ~

oh gosh... i am so soooo glad it's the weekend already!!  woot!

today i'm excited to show you how i recently decided to change things up a bit! i went through all the quilts i've had for sale in the etsy shop, and decided there were a few things that needed 'new life! '  so i cut 'em up!

don't get me wrong ~ i loved these quilts!  they were fun to make, and i learned so much from just the actual making of them. but it  was time.  and i didn't even hesitate ~ i was that sure it would be exciting... and a great adventure to "see beyond" and see them become new life! {yay}

some were cut up into crosses.  these are sized at 2.5" x 5.5" approximately.  perfect little bookmarks.  i've posted about them before, and you may have seen them if you've been reading the blog for awhile.  but this time it was even more special.  and i just loved how they turned out!!!

if you have a minute to see what these quilts looked like, check out the picture below.  or you can see my original post about this little paper/journal quilt {here}.

"Joy" {comes in the morning}  Yes!  It does!

i made a few hearts from this quilt, too. i'll show the hearts in a future post. it was a dramatic change and... soooo fun. 

... dug through some of my jars of ribbons and embellishments, and found this special little embroidered rose trim.  it was given to me in a big old vintage hat box that someone found at a garage sale, and gave to meisn't it sweet?  i thought it was a perfect home for it!

these are all newly listed in my shop!  {two or more you get a discount}.  let me know what you think?
i've got some new ones on my cutting table... and i'm going to give one of them away.  leave a comment on today's post.  winner announced one week from today {on this blog}.  i'd love to send one to YOU!!!

and! {another one to be given away on studio jru's blog today too!}

quite the 'new life' change, don't you think?  love the freedom i have to make that kind of change.  and...

i'm so glad i said yes!   

you can win one of the crosses, as well as a little journal quilt i made from some paper fabric i made, which is being offered by jennifer at the STUDIO JRU blogcheck out all the details at studio jru today!!!

blessings~and have a great weekend~!  I can't wait!!
soli deo gloria! 
and linking up here... playdates at the wellspring
beautiful blog!

thanking the Lord for all the good things He has done for me... and for us!
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